Tuesday, November 29, 2005

the think about ad school is that it makes u slighty crazy.

that is if u werent crazy to begin with, which you probably already were.

so when u get a bunch of crazy's together throw them in an abandoned church down in south beach and tell them to create genius ideas...strange things begin to happen.

competition rises, passion increases, egos develop, and some normal crazy's become mean crazy's. your life is a bubble containing of caffeine, bagels and tex-mex, your i-book, your ipod, a few sharpies and stratch white copy paper. decisions of where to live next, of what club to check out, or of what kind of amazing entree you'd like to try. there is also the ad school gossip, who is sleeping with who, whom that who has slept with in the past, who copied some crazy's idea from 2 years ago, who stole another crazy idea from that crazy. and worst of all... which crazy's arent really cut out to be crazy's and should be sent through the check out line. without rebates.

its all so dramatic and exhaustiing.

exhausting because on top of all the above aspects of your social bubble you have assignment deadlines. many and many of them. an assignment is given out one day and due the next morning, or better, it is given out in the morning and due in 3 hours - comped up, ready with explanations of why and how you think this idea will reach the consumer. no excuses are tolerated and if they are you look like a lazy horse - because you are.

where am i going with this? well, yesterday i was sitting in a room with 12 professionals, we had three weeks to concept and comp up ideas for xmas cards, and well, most came with 1 or 2 concepts with one or 2 cards to go with that concept. meanwhile, i had 7 themes times 3 cards comped for each theme. and i was worried that that wasnt enough?! i heard comments about how there wasnt enough time and i'd like to do this or that to it but i dont have enough time. time?! there was and is nothing but time. i sat there dumbfounded.

when it came my turn to show my cards, me, as a crazy, discussed why each card was a solid concept. i had no choice, this is how i was trained, this is what i do. as i was presenting i could feel 12 medicore crazy's starring at me. and then they said, you did a lot.

i didnt do a lot, i thought. this is not a lot. you have no idea where i am coming from. what my crazy creative mind has endured for the past two years. i immediately felt this undeneible urge to be around competitive, passionate, ego dominating crazy's. that would have been awesome...ideas spilling out from every direction...creating better than hallmark cards, it would be awesome...if only i were around more incredible crazy's.

the thing is i'll take the medicore crazy's over the mean crazy's anyday/ and i'll take the medicore crazy's over the ego crazy's. i would choose the medicore crazy's over back-stabbing competitive crazy's. but i cant accept the medicore crazy's over the passionate crazy's.

i just cant.

Friday, November 18, 2005

FRIENDS, the good type and the inconvinent other.

soon after my lunch break i headed to the ladies room only to discover that my monthly friend had arrived unusually early. i am at full stand still, squatting over the toliet in the the chilly stall with my pants wrapped around my thighs which were slowly slipping toward the tiny off-white and few scattered blue tiles which make up the dirty floor, my butt inching more and more up into the air as my thighs begin to burn and my knees weaken, my mind raced on what to do.

i didnt hear anyone in the bathroom, so simply asking for a piece of protection was not an option.
i disappointedly remembered that i had changed purses in the morning before leaving for the office and i did not recall transferring any protection into the new bag.
it had seemed that the only feasible option was to pull up my pants, quickly wash my hands, dry them on my pants on the way out the door, and make my way through the aisles and aisles of ugly taupe cubicles to my friend Orange's desk, surely she would have something.

as i exited the stall with my head down, paroniod of immediate leakage i ran into a white vending machine against the bathroom wall. it was no ordinary vending machine, this was a vending machine full of tampons and maxi pads and one for a quarter, no less. a quarter is all i needed now, for my minor inconvinent friend to go away. i patted my pant pockets and of course, no quarter. no quarter on the ground, no quarter to be found. i needed one darn quarter.

frustrated i looked at the white vending machine and silently cused at it. and then i looked down, and peaking out of the opening of the machine was a bright blue and teal cardboard box, with hot pink barbie lettering that read "MAXi pad". i looked over my shoulders and still saw no one in the bathroom, so i stole the free pad, without leaving so much as a note. i stole the pad and ducked back into stall, came out of the stall much more relaxed, washed my hands and i was on my way to a pieceful afternoon.

or so i thought.

well, ladies. that thing was massive...i'm talking 3/4 an inch thick and the most uncomfortable thing to ever experience.i walked ackwardly through the roles and roles of cubicles praying that no one noticed that i was walking with a diaper between my legs. i sat down in my sit and i wondered first how my grandmother put up with this and second how i was going to survive the afternoon in complete discomfort. and then i realized something completely wonderful.

i had a cubicle emergency kit tucked away in my desk drawer that my friends had given me before i moved to ohio. surely that would have a more modern piece of equipment. surely enough it did. remind me to thank my amazing and thoughtful friends for saving me again!