Thursday, September 07, 2006

nice. that is what the mid-west is all about. warm, friendly, people living conservative lives, whom hang out with warm, friendly, people living conservative lives. hey there is nothing wrong with that. infact, i would consider myself a warm and friendly person, however, there is no denying that east coastness runs thru my blood. it will always be there and i like it. where am i going with this? is the thing...i like niceness and all, really i do, just dont bring it over the top, its not necessary and do not take offense if i'm not in the mood to agree or respond or wish you a super-duper colorful day. its not that i do not wish you best, its just that um...i have other things on my mind..what can i say...i'm a little bit selfish and that is my right to be..and i should be...because that is how i grew up...on the east coast.

niceness in an over the top way was brought to my attention today when after work i stopped at best buy to pick up a new cell-phone charger. as i walked in the store i was greeted by a "greeter" (yes..that is someone's job!) "how can i help you?" he shouted with enthuasium. i thought you cant help me, you are responsible for greeting the entering costumers, gosh! i glanced at him and walked past him directly toward the cell phone area. when i step foot in the cell phone area my plan was to find a bored employee and ask him directly what cell phone charger matched my phone, however, all three cell phone area employees were assisting one other costumer in what seemed to be the entire store. ok....guess i'll figure it out myself. until all three employees stopped in the middle of what they were doing and huddled around me and asked me what i needed. it totally freaked me out, why would three best buy employees need to assist me picking out a cell phone charger...and what happened to the other costumer they were helping, that costumer insisted that they stop helping him and assist me. ahhhh...thanks for the niceness but i can read for myself. no biggie.

about two months ago, during one of my inline skate workouts, a women in inline skates stopped me in the middle of my workout and asked me a million questions. it went something like this, "i've seen you around, skating around the park and i asked the receptionist at the desk of my building if she knew anyone else that inline skated and she described you, so i'd thought i'd stop you (great... in the middle of my workout thanks!) if it was you and it was you. so what do you listen to on your ipod? do you inline skate all the way to the park from the condo building or do you drive? i drive. i ccant believe you inline skate all the way here (the park is only a mile away!) far do you skate? how often? do you skate in the winter? (um...moron it snows here in the winter!) i skate in the winter i bought a light that attaches to my belt and it lights up the trail (good for muscles are now getting cold..shtp up already!) umm, whats your name? i'm bonnie (great...the second bonnie i've met in my life) i have a daughter your age....( goes on and on..but re-living it is torturing myself all over again.)

so anyways you get my drift... super over the top nice (can we say a little nutty?!?) and like i said, i'm a nice i've been pretty polite to her everytime i see her at the park, i say hello and add a little surface talk (remember the east coast thing..i really really really do not care all that much about a strangers life.) today was a day that i saw bonnie at the park. she said hi, i said hi back. then she went on a tangent about how during autumn the leaves and nuts fall from the trees and cause obstacles and hazards for our skates. (this is true but i am still more afraid of the squirrels than an acorn getting caught in my wheel). she encouraged me to speak to the park ranger (i couldnt find him and really..i didnt have time to look...the sun was getting closer to disappearing and i wanted to skate 4 more miles...remember i'm selfish) bonnie was now speaking about how she hurt her ankle and had to wrap it today for her workout. (i dont care..really) then she starts talking about the inline skate race on saturday...(ok lady ok) she is back on the acorns and finally i skate off telling her i'll look for park ranger dude.

next thing i know, bonnie, nice over the top sweet maybe a bit lonely inline skater. is skating around the park with a big red broom. yes a broom, she is brushiing all of the acorns and fallen little tree sticks and leaves on the one mile around trail by hand. (i guess the park ranger said he couldnt help) it is super nice of you bonnie, but seriously, trust that your helmet and knee pads will work if you accidently roll into a big fat acorn. gosh!